Sistron Sistemas de Energia was founded in 1982 by systems specialists, focusing its operations in developing software and specific systems. In 1990, Sistron started working with data communication, joined CEMIG - Minas Gerais State Power Company, and began developing software for automating the distribution of low-tension electric power. With the experience acquired throughout these years, Sistron created mechanisms and methodologies for implementing DSM (Demand Side Management) projects. It has been working to improve technologies developed. The company's technical team consists of persons who came from the systems, electronic and electric fields, and its main mission is to pioneer technological innovations to distribute low-tension power.

SISTRON SISTEMAS DE ENERGIA guarantees the following to its customers:

- To pioneer technological solutions to distribute low-tension power
- Experience
- Post-sale support
- Competitive prices
- Guaranteed success in its projects
- The customer's satisfaction

In order to fulfill new demands in the electric power field, resulting from a revolution followed deregulation and increasing competition among electric power companies, Sistron presents a revolutionary system to be used by consumers low tension. It is very clear that the shortest way to increase profitability and improve quality of the power supplied is that that uses low-tension power. The improvement of the load factor through differentiated tariffs is the most important thing to attain these results. The DSM already used in other segments of electric power companies, such as high and medium tension, has shown the efficacy of these companies.

The SCTDA - Control, Tariff, Demand and Automation System herein presented will facilitate actions that may become the great differential among electric power companies to manage costs with immediate results in profitability and productivity. Actions of DSM, arising from technological advances, which are an irreversible reality, will aggregate other functions to improve the system operation and the possibility of selling new services when we will finally achieve the total automation of the electric power system with the COD/COS communication toward the final consumer.

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